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Intellectual Property
Whether you're a business owner, writer, or artist, your intellectual property may be the most valuable asset you own; feel safe knowing an attorney is working to protect your interests. In addition to trademark and copyright registrations, contracts, licensing, and monitoring, we can help you resolve intellectual property disputes and pursue others for violations of your rights.
Trademark and Copyright Registration:


Our services begin with a direct hit search of prior and pending registrations for conflicts with your application. Once this is completed we will:


•Prepare your application;
•Submit your application electronically;
•Be the contact on record to notify you of updates on your application;
•Respond to any office action relating to the application, such as for clarification of the identify of the registrant or problems with the design or specimen.

If you use our services to register your trademark we offer a discount on monitoring services after your application is accepted.


Comprehensive Search:


Even if you have checked the United State Patent and Trademark Office to see if your intended trademark is available, your application may still be rejected. The standard for determining whether two trademarks conflict is whether they are "confusingly similar" so even if your name is available it may still be unregisterable if there are similar registrations. Additionally, common law trademark protection attaches as soon as someone starts to use a mark in commerce.


To avoid potential complications with your application our attorneys can prepare a comprehensive search to determine the availability of your mark then encompasses current and pending federal registrations, state trademarks, and common law uses. Additionally, if we perform a comprehensive search before submitting your application we will respond to any office action that may arise for your application free of charge.


Office Actions:


Once your application has been reviewed by the examining attorney there may be additional information you are required to submit to avoid abandonment. If we have prepared your application then we will respond to any office action that pertains to our filing, such as for the design or specimen, and if we have performed a comprehensive search we will respond to all office actions on your file free of charge.


Trademark Monitoring:


Trademarks have to be monitored and enforced to be protected. We offer a review of filed marks and pending applications for substantially or confusingly similar registrations with a detailed report of potential infringers sent to you each month.


Licensing and Intellectual Property Agreements:


Licensing - We can prepare agreements for you to license the use of your intellectual property without losing control or ownership. Our licenses are completely customized by an attorney to suit your particular needs and industry.


Assignments - If you're interested in selling or assigning your rights in a copyright or trademark we can prepare the paperwork for you and even negotiate the deal.


Cease and Desist Letters:


If you think someone has infringed on your rights we can prepare a "cease and desist" letter informing them of their unlawful activity and the need for them to stop immediately. We will also include all the releases and paperwork necessary to resolve the situation and even transfer ownership of infringing domain names if applicable.