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E-Commerce and Gaming
Most businesses have expanded to include an online presence and are conducting online sales. This expansion has become so commonplace that it is possible to have a website up and running within a day. However the legal aspects of such actions are often overlooked. The migration of brick and mortar commerce to "e-commerce" has been accompanied by numerous revisions to existing legislation and new case law governing the process of contracting online.
Our attorneys are up to date on the most recent laws and legal opinions concerning internet and e-commerce law and regularly contribute to practice guides and publications on recent trends in these areas. Wolk & Levine, LLP has also worked with international companies concerned with gaming and gambling regulation for their websites, as well as compliance issues for sweepstakes, contests, and auctions.
Intellectual Property and Online Disputes:
Your intellectual property serves multiple roles online identifying you to your consumer and, in most cases, giving the location of your website or online store through your domain name. Wolk & Levine, LLP offers intellectual property services that range from registering and licensing copyrights and trademarks to assisting with disputes regarding infringement and "cybersquatting."
Online Agreements:
Our attorneys can review your current contracts to make sure they protect you when you expand your business to include online sales or draft new, custom, contracts to suit your needs. When considering online contracting and online sales new concerns arise and provisions for arbitration and choice of forum take on increased importance.
Advertising and Contests:
Online advertisements and contests are regulated by a patchwork of state and federal laws and may also include private service provider policies when sites such as Facebook and Twitter are involved in a campaign. Our attorneys can help you navigate these potential compliance pitfalls, review and clear copy, and prepare registration filings and terms for contests and give-aways.
Cloud Law:
The laws surrounding standard online content are experiencing another shift as the trend in e-commerce shifts from static content available for download to a dynamic relationship between content providers and content consumers hosted through "cloud" services and servers. Our attorneys are well versed in this emerging legal field and can help you as you expand your business to include the latest in cloud technology.